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Carina works with any web-based application and we have many of the most commonly used already configured.  We configure Carina to work with your applications and to understand your workflows and processes.

Capture process data from
start to finish

At every point your team touches a workflow task Carina provides a complete picture of the work carried out.  Even if you are using multiple packages to manage your workflow Carina is able to capture a process from start to finish. 


Release your team from the burden of manual time-tracking

A simple browser plug-in automatically recognises when each workflow task starts. Without any user interaction it gathers task information and timing.  By using the information on the web-page Carina classifies the task being undertaken and captures relevant metadata – job number, title, etc.

See the big picture
Know the detail

Carina reporting delivers a deep insight into how your workflow processes are working.  Benchmarking key tasks allows you to spot bottlenecks, understand the impact of change and keep an eye on long-term trends.

Graphs and summaries instantly illustrate progress against KPIs and all data can be exported for further analysis.

Work more effectively with the
Carina workflow tools

  • instantly jump to tasks in your history and quickly help team members with their work
  • Work more efficiently by filtering tasks lists and using application shortcuts
  • Avoid errors by configuring alerts to highlight unusual cases or complex business rules
  • Use Carina automation to move swiftly from one paper to the next – not more searching and clicking
  • Prevent double work by highlighting when more one person opens a paper
  • Show every user interaction even when nothing is recorded by the workflow application

Carina integrates with your workflow

Carina can be configured for any web-based application
Here are some of those that are already configured

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