Workflow Assist

Powerful Process Automation for Your Existing Submission System

Accelerate submission processing without compromising accuracy, efficiency and quality

Faster Submission Checks

Automate your system to streamline user processing

  • Workflow Assist speeds users through each process with the minimum of interaction
  • All mechanical data gathering and checking is performed so users can concentrate on applying their expertise
  • Author emails, and system notes and updates are automatically created and actioned

Better Submission Checks

Fully scripted processing ensures accuracy and quality

  • Workflow Assist ensures the whole process is completed as intended every time – eliminating errors and omissions
  • Training requirements are significantly reduced and flexible staffing enabled 
  • Ease of implementation enables seamless process change and continuous improvement

Improved Job Quality

Remove mechanical and repetitive clicking and scrolling

  • Workflow Assist creates a concise view containing just the information needed for each process
  • Task-focussed user interface precisely implementing your business rules provides simplified and efficient user input 
  • Grammatically correct emails are created ready to review and send – no more cutting, pasting, and editing template text    

Smarter Processes All Round

Automate and integrate across all your systems

  • Workflow Assist automation can integrate multiple systems and data sources to create seamless processing
  • Accelerate digital transformation by removing the barriers to process change  
  • Any web-based process can be improved – reporting, maintenance, chasing, etc.

Carina integrates with your workflow

Carina can be configured for any web-based application
Here are some of those that are already configured

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